Full disclosure: I'm an opinionated moderate conservative who supports the Pirate Party, for the most part. We need to talk about the economy; the system we've got isn't working and the politicians are just going round in circles recycling old policies. I've got a better idea.


Is it me or is the internet full of right-wing loons on one side and woolly-minded liberal socialists on the other? I'd say it was a media distortion if I didn't keep meeting them.
A society based on trading in the free market would be much more democratic than one based on the most popular parties running the country.

Furious and frothing at the mouth

Government is a necessary evil. It should be restricted to justice and defence. Let private enterprise and charities take care of public services.
A citizens income, paid as a tax credit to all citizens regardless of status, is the fairest way of redistributing wealth. We shouldn't force people to work if they don't want to. Let me make art and help the homeless instead of wasting my time doing a job I don't like.

Lazy scrounger
We'll fund it by raising tax on the very rich.
There is so much wrong in both of those positions; basically, they're based on airy-fairy theories with no roots in reality.

Me being serious

For a start, there's no such thing as a free market because of protectionism, price-fixing, hoarding, and other anti-competitive practices. If all regulation is banned except for market forces, how do we prevent rule by and for the rich?
I've never had a satisfactory answer to that question because they won't admit to that flaw in their [lack of] logic. So round and round they go in vicious, deluded circles.

Overfed IPR man
Meanwhile, on the left/liberal side, they seem to think that their best intentions have rubbed off on everyone else and kittens and rainbows will follow the implementation of their Utopian state.

Confronted with stupidity

They haven't thought it through. Some people's needs are greater than others and the cost of living will not go down if our income does because there's no free market. For example, hoarding keeps mortgage and rental prices artificially high.
The emperor has no clothes on

Now that we've exposed the right and left wings' policies as utter bunk, what do we replace them with?

Whatever it is, it's got to be proven to work in practice. We've got enough delusions floating about, thank you very much.
What about middle-out economics? Everywhere it's implemented, prosperity follows because it recognises the role of market forces in setting trends in society as well as in commerce.

Round table

When communities are empowered to create their own solutions via grants for infrastructure and funding for education and training, they create their own wealth.
Regeneration projects that include a local supply chain, such as the East Lancs Railway, have reversed the decline of the old mill towns by stimulating tourism.
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And all that sweet, sweet money flows into the pockets of the farmers, brewers, bakers, and artisans who supply the shops, pubs, and restaurants. They created those jobs, not the rich.
Now imagine policies based on those ideas being implemented nationwide. Remember, the projects the communities came up with are based on using local resources to meet local needs and attract customers from outside the area.

Middle-out economics, neither left nor right

The projects big companies come up with are usually about building a luxury homes and high-end shops complex in which the people who built it don't get to live.
Don't get me started on IPR. When businesses are paying 5k or more a year to play recorded music, that affects their bottom line.

copyright troll

When risk being sued for coming up with an idea similar to someone else's, how confident do you feel about working on a new product? Patents on medicine are actually a disincentive to produce new ones; the pharmaceutical companies prefer to milk the old ones, making small changes and re-patenting them. It's called evergreening.
Can you see the benefits of middle-out?

party on!

Think about it: more money will flow into the Treasury from higher taxes on the rich and higher wages. Low-skilled workers won't need benefits any more so we can patch the holes in the social safety net AND pay off the deficit. Everybody wins!

Can we do it now, please?