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Furious and frothing at the mouth

One of the most important lessons I have learned is the importance of self-control in the way you handle yourself online. You don't want to build a reputation as a loon.
As crazy as it sounds, some people don't understand this and are happy to dig themselves into deeper and deeper holes till they end up in China.
Charles Carreon keeps on digging himself deeper into the hole
Techdirt's Mike Masnick calls this "The Streisand Effect." It's what happens when you try to shut down criticism with threats of legal action. Short version: don't. It makes things worse.

Confronted with stupidity
Okay, so someone has said or done something online that annoys you. What do you do? Some people complain about it, get sympathy, then a rightious mob of internet justice comes riding into town, a-whuppin' and a-whoppin, etc. The net result is the offending party is mobbed.

Angry mob
This can quickly get out of hand, the more drama there is surrounding the subject. I've been involved in a few of these, mostly to help artists I wanted to get on side.

Preston Reed, ace acoustic guitarist

One particular case involved an amazing guitarist called Preston Reed. Another guitarist had taken two of his tunes, blended them together and was trying to claim them as his own work with just a fleeting attribution for Preston.
Five of us followed Preston into the comments thread of the offending party on YouTube and asked him to take it down. He complied when he realised the trickle of complaints might turn into a tsunami.

Internet Thief

Call it what you like, but it worked. And it was cheaper than hiring a lawyer. All we did was politely but firmly complain. En masse. It was the numbers that did it.
Me being serious

The key to knowing when to issue a call to arms, threaten a legal onslaught, or otherwise attempt to bring the long arm of justice upon your adversary is to make sure your response is reasonable and proportional to the offense.

Over-reacting could cause a backlash, after all. It's one thing to defend your rights. It's another to invent new ones.
If you find yourself at the epicentre of a storm of controversy, the first thing you should do is work out which way the wind is blowing.

Angry mob attacking

People get up in arms when someone is being victimised or threatened.
Whether or not you feel that you are the one being wronged, if other people are piling in on you it's because they think you're in the wrong and they want to help the person they feel is being mistreated.
The emperor has no clothes on
Don't try to defend your position if it's being contradicted. Accept that this is what people believe and work towards an amicable solution. Often this means swallowing your pride and doing what the mob wants, at least for the moment.
Once the heat is off you can work out what you want to do and whether or not your position is a reasonable one. 
Me wagging my finger
Using the whole of an item of someone's work without crediting them or asking them first is a big no-no. Using items without asking permission or linking back is plain bad manners. User-generated content sites are the worst offenders and most people don't realise they're upsetting people.
Taking on a popular user-generated site can cause more problems than it solves. From what I've read I'd recommend making a deal with the website owners to carry ads for your site if their users are uploading a lot of your stuff.
Pirates aren't all bad, honest!
That way you avoid getting into an unnecessary argument that you will probably lose. As far as I know, Adsense revenues can be redirected to people who can prove they own the disputed content.
This means you can gain more from people sharing your stuff than if you insist on controlling how and where it appears on the internet.

If you're being criticised, being seen to resolve the issue in a gracious and competent manner can gain you more business than trying to censor negative opinions, which can only hurt you.
Me, smiling
For other situations, I recommend keeping your head down and waiting for it to blow over. It will, trust me.